A Few Days From Now You Will Be Amazed As To What The Universe Truly Has In Store For You… Discover Your One and True Destiny As It Majestically Unfolds Right Before Your Eyes. The Answers You Have Been Seeking About Your Future Are Finally Here - Are You Ready to Receive the Universe’s Bounties With Ease and Complete Happiness?

Hypnotherapist to the Stars Reveals How You Too Can Ride the Comet’s Tail to Achieve Every Success and Desire That You Have Ever Had & Find Out How You Can Harness the Universe’s Limitless Power to Fulfill Your Destiny in Life

In Just Eight Short Days, Your True Destiny Will Reveal Itself In Its Entirety – the Blueprint of Your Personal Fortune and Your Future Here On Earth Will Be Shown For the Very First Time. Will You Take This Chance or Will You Just Let It Slip?

Steve G. Jones

From the Desk of Dr. Steve G. Jones
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Law of Attraction Trainer

Dear Friend,

One of the hardest things in life is knowing that you could have achieved something great but because you failed to take action, the opportunity just slipped from your grasp and never came back.

Taking action equates to fulfilling one’s True Destiny. Ideas without the right action are meaningless and desires are merely fantasies unless they are transformed into different goals.

My name is Dr. Steve G. Jones and for more than 25 years I have been helping people from all walks of life achieve their life’s True Destinies.

The path that leads to your True Destiny is unique and special – there is nothing like it in the world and the best thing about this is that you don’t have to travel this special path alone. Let me be the first to set you on the right track that will head straight to where you need to go – your True Destiny.

Sadly, many people are forced to walk other paths, paths that do not lead to their True Destinies.

These people eventually feel lost and confused because all their efforts are not paying off. The fruits of the Universe’s bounty are nowhere to be seen and thus, many people feel that their life has nothing to offer.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, because every person on this Earth has a natural birthright to a True Destiny. True Destinies are as brilliant and wonderful as pure diamonds held up to the sun’s light.

What 99% of people don’t know is that achieving one’s True Destiny is very simple and is actually very easy to accomplish. Why? The Universe wants you to achieve your True Destiny. No one (not even the Universe) will benefit from any type of failure. The Universe itself is based on the principle of endless attraction and positive creation. The Universe is a positive force, unerring in its ability to create.

The absolute worst mistake you can make is to think that it is your destiny not to succeed!

I know this because admittedly, I had fallen into this trap before, too. I am human – I err and oftentimes, I also feel weak when I have to surmount great challenges in life.

My personal and professional life, like your own, was also marred by obstacles and the constant need to change and adapt. At one point I began questioning why I was working so hard for my goals. Dark thoughts like giving it all up and quitting crossed my mind and dampened my spirit.

And then I realized… The path that I had taken before may not be the path that was intended for me by the Universe! The concept was so simple and yet so powerful that it rocked my world.

I had to know if it was possible at all to peer into my own future through the Universe’s celestial lenses.

I set out on a personal odyssey to discover my own True Destiny. My personal journey has taken several years and during this time I discovered many things that you will never find in other books and magazines.

One day I realized that I was already living the future that I had envisioned, and this was indeed my True Destiny !

I had followed the Universe’s many signs and within in this time, I took action at the right moments and just kept going. The journey to one’s True Destiny will take a person inward (his beliefs, habits, etc.) and outward (hidden opportunities, using personal power, developing new beliefs) until finally, he is reborn as a master of his True Destiny. The Phoenix-like transformation cannot happen overnight but the amazing revelations can now be seen in just eight short days.

The Universe’s secret revelations are nothing short of miraculous – nothing can prepare you as the Universe sheds its final veil for the final revelation

I know this because as I pursued my True Destiny, I discovered personal resources that allowed me to establish a progressive hypnotherapy practice and business.

I was also able to create and continually improve through technology one of the world’s largest collections of professionally crafted hypnosis recordings – and all of this was possible through my own natural skills.

This is my life’s calling and it became my True Destiny once I figured out how to operate the Universe’s ‘destiny machine’ – life itself!

Take this time to visualize: what would happen if you knew your True Destiny?
  • Happiness and complete satisfaction with life and your current career or business
  • Have a clear sense of purpose and direction – never get lost in the woods again!
  • Complete confidence in oneself that you are headed in the right direction no matter what happens
  • The ability to make the wisest decisions based on the Universe’s own signs
  • Being able to map the best possible future without compromising your other passions because you will have all the time in the world to creatively fit them into your ideal future
  • No more anxiety, doubts and worrying about what will come next because you already know how to manage your future and you will know which resources and talents will be best suited for these challenges
  • Being able to use mistakes to make the journey to one’s True Destiny easier and even more worry-free (it is possible!)

The secrets that I have learned through the years are one of the most potent of their kind because they were extracted not from books but from actual personal experiences.

I knew that these secrets could help anyone who wanted to finally take control of their True Destiny. This was my biggest reason why I decided to create a one of a kind guide I call 8 Days to Redesigning Your Destiny.

Before you can see and understand your True Destiny, you need to know:

  1. How to evaluate your present circumstances and how these circumstances are determining the flow of your life as it speeds to the future
  2. How to create the perfect personal environment for continuous success and personal motivation
  3. How to harness your nexus of spiritual power so you can use it to accomplish your short term and long term goals
  4. “How to uncover and take control of the hidden “power snatchers” in your life
  5. How to use the Law of Attraction to consciously create the life that you want in the present and in the future

Let me show you the fruits of my lifelong journey to my own True Destiny….

Dr. Steve G. Jones
8 Days to Redesign Your Destiny

8 Days to Redesign Your Destiny is all about you and your special relationship with the Universe itself. The Universe is ready to give you abundance, wealth and every type of success that you have ever dreamed of – but you need to know which path to take. Otherwise, the Universe will reflect the pre-destined outcomes of the other paths that you chose to tread in life.

8 Days to Redesign Your Destiny will work for anyone who wishes to redefine their life through action and conscious creation. This complete system utilizes the phenomenal Law of Attraction at its very core – and we are barely scratching the surface!

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Module 1: Re-Designing Your Destiny
  • Discover the true master of your personal destiny – you might be surprised as to who is really controlling your present and future!
  • How to fight the secret power grabbers in your life that are constantly pulling you down, keeping you from achieving your true destiny
  • Find your True Self and remove the smoke and mirrors that are preventing you from living life to the fullest
  • Understand where you truly are right now in life so you can plan ahead. Are you ready to make lasting decisions that will directly impact what you will become years from now? The power to take control of your future lies in your ability to make the right decisions. Find out exactly how you can accomplish this and more!
  • Take apart the elements of your life and find out what’s working and what’s not – the answers are not always apparent but the answers will become clearer when you learn how to evaluate your life at its deepest and most complex levels
  • Negativity and the power of the human mind: what have you allowed your mind to conjure in your reality?
  • How to permanently end fear and doubt – the two biggest killers of personal destinies
Module 2: Using the Law of Attraction
  • Discover how you can harness and maximize the unlimited power of your mind from the comfort of home and in just 15 minutes per day. You will receive an expert, step by step guide that will help you maximize your mental power easily!
  • How to develop a magnificent and beneficial relationship with the Present. Too often people are afraid of the present and thus, they also become anxious of the future.
  • Learn how to position yourself in such a way that you will begin to enjoy what the present time is bringing to the table. You will be so much happier if you learn how to accomplish this!
  • Learn how to use basic and advanced tools of Law of Attraction masters and gurus around the world. Why are these people attracting so much positivity and good fortune into their lives? They know the tools & how to use them!
  • What is the little known strategy that is creates a firm connection between you and the Universe? Find out soon in this module!
Your True Destiny Awaits This Very Moment – Download Today For Just $19.95 !
Module 3: Make a Better Future
  • Learn how see your True Destiny as it unfolds right in front of you, every single day. Many people fail to see because they do not know how to appreciate experiences and read the signs from the Universe.
  • It is time that you fully understood what the Universe is for and what it is willing to give to you so that you can begin accomplishing your True Destiny.
  • Fully develop that special ability to find the windows and doors of opportunity that are being opened directly by the Universe. These opportunities are not hidden, but your mind has to awaken first… Find out how!
  • The most effective way of utilizing errors/mistakes so you will stay on track and you will become stronger and more powerful than ever.
  • How to see your future through present actions. Understand the most important meaning of Time & Action as it relates to your True Destiny. Let me make this complex relationship simple and easy to understand you can begin taking action immediately… Even today!
  • Discover how you too can get Universal Wisdom (this is different from mere intelligence or knowledge… This is much more important in achieving your destiny in life)
Module 4: Bringing Abundance Into Your Life
  • Create your very own Destiny Master Plan that will give you the exact details of your future, what you should expect to enjoy with your efforts. I will also teach you the exact layout that you should follow so that your Destiny Master Plan is firmly grounded in reality and is supported by your possible resources (not just financial resources, mind you!).
  • Learn the pivotal role of personal passion and love in determining your destiny. It is time to shed the cold & critical mindset because this is not how the Universe works!
  • How to understand your own goals and desires – you will never see and understand what direction you should be headed if you ignore your natural desires in life.
  • How to safeguard yourself completely from failures, delays and distractions. It’s time to re-imagine yourself as the most efficient Master of Destiny in the world. Find out how in this module.
  • Stripping the Core: what if I told you that quite possibly, more than 50% of your beliefs and habits are causing you to fail at life? Discover how you can rid yourself of these power-stripping elements of self-destruction so you can finally achieve your goals in life.
Amazing Milestones are Up Ahead – Click to Download Instantly For $19.95!
Module 5: Creating an Alternate Outcome
  • How can a person consciously create his True Destiny? Find out how your creative subconscious can aid you in manifesting your True Destiny in life. Everyone has an imagination but the big question is are you using it to fulfill your goals or is something else blocking the path to the accomplishment of your goals? How far ahead are you in consciously creating the life that you have envisioned for yourself? Find the answers in Module 5: Creating an Alternate Outcome
  • Logic vs. the Creative Subconscious: Are you struggling to make sense of your life and how you can achieve all your goals? Discover the simplest and most effective way of balancing logic and conscious creation so that cold logic doesn’t get in the way of your personal progress to manifesting your destiny in life.
  • True Potential: Our true potentials are often locked away, hidden from sight by our daily travails and worries. Learn how you can clear the smoke and debris of daily life so that your true talents in life can finally shine through. It is time to free yourself from the Locked Box.
Module 6: Turning Your Positive Thoughts Into Reality
  • How can you elevate your thoughts into the true champions of your reality? Discover a proven method of revealing the true power of ideas (big and small) and how they influence how the Universe works… The Universe is in your control, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The problem is you don’t know yet how you can get it to conform to destiny. The Universe is just waiting for you to take action!
  • How can positivity help you in arriving at your True Destiny? In Module 6 I will teach you how to maximize the impact of positivity on your life so that the benefits will radiate brightly to every aspect of your existence. It’s not enough to have the idea… You must also know what to do with the concept. Let me guide you through this vital phase so you can succeed faster than 99% of people who are trying to do the same thing.
  • The Mind Shift: What exactly happens when a person makes the conscious effort to move from the Negative Dimension to the Positive Dimension? The answers await in this exciting module!
Module 7: Improving Your Life
  • How can you unleash the power that is already within you? Every person walking this Earth right now has been given a nexus of Universal Power that can be used to attain goals and desires. However, we have lost our natural, spiritual connection with the Universe. With this lost connection comes a dear price – we are unable to unleash the power we already have.
  • Find out how you can unlock and maximize the power to achieve your dreams with the simplest of changes in your life. I will also teach you how to use gratitude to harmonize with Universe’s bounty so that positivity will continue to flow unabated in your life for many, many years to come.
  • Discover the role of happiness and love in attaining your True Destiny. How do these two factors help people in their journey to their destinies? Module 7 will show you this and much more… Hang on tight for the ride!
  • Experience love the way the Universe had meant you to experience it. Love is never superficial; it is intricately connected with our spirit.
  • Respecting the Temple: how are you taking care of your body? How should you be treating the vessel of the soul?
Module 8: Shaping the Future
  • Can a person take the mantle of control and shape the very fabric of his destiny? Find out how you can reshape your future with the things that you can accomplish now. Find out exactly what you need to utilize in your life to improve your chances of fulfilling your True Destiny.
  • How to make friends with the Past, Present and Future. 9 times out of 10, people become anxious of their past and feel paralyzed when they think of their present problems. Some people even feel that they could not bear to think of the future because of perceived problems.Now would be the best time to develop a renewed perspective and mindset regarding the past, present and future. Because the longer you hold on to your fear and anxieties, the more you distance yourself from fulfilling your True Destiny.
  • Creating harmony and balance in your life. Balance is more than just choosing which activities you should be doing on a day to day basis. Balance is also being responsible for your actions. If you can accomplish this and a few more steps, your journey to your True Destiny will finally come to fruition.
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As I have mentioned before… Not taking action can lead to many more disappointments.

Take action today and you will never regret it!

To Your Success,


Dr. Steve G. Jones

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